The most affordable large scale metal Additive Manufacturing solutions, the MELTIO Engine integrates with any robot arm and interface in the market. Turning an existing traditional CNC or robotic platform into a hybrid manufacturing system.

The MELTIO integration is powered by MELTIO’s LMD technology and users opting for raw wire materials can benefit from its cleanliness, as there is no need for specialised apparatus. The robot integration turns a traditional robot arm into a metal 3D printing system with no inherent size constraints, which is ideal for large and complex 3D printing.

The Robot Integration system provides a similar user experience to FDM but for metal printing with materials that are easy to parameterize using sensors. Using a two external axis positioner gives the ability to print vertically to deliver optimal surface quality to parts and enables solutions for the same part.

With the launch of the MELTIO Materials range, Stainless Steel 316L, Stainless Steel 308L, Mild Steel ER70S, Titanium 64 and Nickel 718. The materials are extensively tested under controlled conditions with validated part properties and out-of-the-box optimised print parameters. Signed off by MELTIO Metal Additive Manufacturing experts.

The Topology Optimised Beam has been optimised using the robot integration system, allowing for the creation of higher strength to weight components and powder bed Additive Manufacturing systems. The precise laser wire process enables the production of parts that require minimal post machining.

Size: 170 x 130 x 900 mm

Weight:  5,95 kg

System: Meltio Robot Integration

Material: Stainless steel 316L

Gas: Argon

Layer Height: 0,6 mm

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