Now available from Dichtomatik, the authorised UK distributor of food and beverage related products manufactured by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, come two sealing materials with high purity levels that are ideal for food industry applications, as well as those in the pharmaceutical sector. In fact, these advanced Freudenberg silicone elastomers – 70 VMQ 117055 and 60 VMQ 117117 – have just achieved compliance with two important food industry regulations in China, adding to a host of existing certifications applicable in the EU and US.

When it comes to food, everyone wants to be sure that it is free of harmful substances. In order to guarantee safety, not only the food, but the materials with which it contacts, must meet particularly stringent criteria, a statement that also applies to sealing materials.

Freudenberg VMQ series materials are highly suitable for use in food plants, particularly if the application has extreme thermal requirements (-50°C to +200°C) and cleaning processes that do not rely on steam sterilisation.

A good application example for 70 VMQ 117055 is dairy operations, which frequently use the material to manufacture O-rings as the high fat content of the process media must be taken into consideration. Freudenberg 70 VMQ 117055 is resistant to animal, ethereous and plant fats/oils.

Due to the material’s purity, which is reflected visually in its transparent colour, it is fast becoming the preferred choice in the food sector. Importantly, 70 VMQ 117055 is ADI-free and conforms to FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, EC Regulation 1935/2004, 3-A Sanitary Standards Class I and USP Class VI (121°C).

In China, specific standards were created in 2016 – GB 4806 and GB 9685 – which deviate from corresponding regulations in the EU and US. Freudenberg has now successfully tested 70 VMQ 117055 and 60 VMQ 117117 for conformity with the Chinese regulations, highlighting their on-going global appeal.

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