At the 2013 low carbon vehicle show (LCV2013), Magnomatics, a company specialising in the development of energy efficient technologies, will have a strong presence.  The LCV 2013 is to be held at the Millbrook Proving Ground on the 4th and 5th September. Organised by Cenex, the show is fast becoming the showcase for the UK’s growing low carbon automotive sector.

Magnomatics’ MAGSPLIT product is suitable for use in a hybrid power train and is  said to be between 3% and 5% more fuel efficient than a power-split hybrid system.The product will feature on the Ford Motor Company’s stand and on the Technology Strategy Board’s (TSB) stand.

MAGSPLIT is being evaluated by Ford as part of a project funded by the TSB under its IDP6 competition. It aimed to develop potentially disruptive technologies for low carbon vehicles.

Chris Kirby, the managing director of Magnomatics, will be speaking at the event about how the projects have helped develop the company.

Magnomatics has become the sixth technology provider to join The Proving Factory, an organisation for the UK automotive industry. The Proving Factory claims to be bridging the current market ‘gap’ between technology developers making innovative, low-carbon prototypes and the needs of vehicle manufacturers for volume supply.

The organisation has been given a £12.8m grant and loan funding by the government through the advanced manufacturing supply chain initiative (AMSCI).  AMSCI’s aim is to help manufacturing supply chains to grow and achieve world-class standards.