Magnet Schultz Ltd (MSL), the UK’s leading authority on electric actuators and solenoid-operated assemblies, will launch a new electric lock this summer expressly designed for secure passenger lift applications. The new lock complies with the stringent requirements of the 2014/33/EU Lifts Directive.

While the Type Approved Lift Lock (TALL) from the Magnet Schultz Ltd engineering team includes new features, the foundation of the electric lock mechanism is proven technology deployed in the company’s successful range of spring-to-lock EBL-I (Electric Bolt Lock – Industrial) units rated for over a million operations. Like the MSL EBL-I, the Lift Lock design deploys a rugged aluminium frame, maintenance free bearings and a stainless steel 15mm diameter bolt with a 15mm stroke.
MSL has a long history of developing locking devices for the disabled lift industry, with a widely adopted slim profile lock mechanism certified to the Machinery Directive. The new TALL-1515 Lift Lock design includes characteristics that satisfy the more stringent Lifts Directive for applications in faster, multi-person passenger lifts. It features a 3D-printed carbon fibre reinforced nylon enclosure with polycarbonate inspection window. Two integral limit switches provide positive electrical feedback of the bolt position, which is energised to actuate and returns under spring force. The failsafe state is locked. A manual override is included.
“The slim variant of the lock certified to the Machinery Directive is popular with customers because of its small size,” explains MSL product specialist Lewis Sheldrake. “Our challenge was to develop a new lock that complies with the Lifts Directive while maintaining the small envelope. We succeeded with a robust unit that is just 36mm wide by 68mm deep.”
The compact dimensions are critical for many lift manufacturers. Incorporating the new MSL Lift Lock should not require engineering changes to the lift framework to accommodate the lock. In turn, the company expects the new Lift Lock to allow its customers to sell lifts into markets previously beyond reach, notably in sectors where the 2014/33/EU Lifts Directive and EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 standards are mandated.
The TALL mechanism operates from a 24V DC supply. Different bolt lengths are available as options by request.
Prior to the official launch of the new TALL-1515 lock this summer, MSL plans to make pre-production units and interactive demonstration kits available to interested parties.