New Tek Sensor Solutions’ HT-1000 LVDT Position Sensor offers a 1000°F (538°C) continuous operating temperature rating and resistance to high radiation levels of 100 Mrad. 

The sensor therefore meets the demands of specialty materials testing in autoclaves to determine dimensional stability and long-term behavior by measuring expansion, contraction and strain rates.   Additionally, the displacement sensor is used in nuclear power plants and test laboratories to determine fuel rod behavior by measuring its expansion and contraction.  Available in high-pressure configurations to 3000 psi, the HT-1000 LVDT also delivers position feedback for nuclear fuel rods and control rods in power generation applications.

To minimize thermal sensitivity over a wide temperature range, the Model HT-1000 Position Sensor provides a ratiometric output processed by dividing the secondary difference voltages by the sum to greatly reduce thermal error.  Available in sizes from ± 0.500 inch (± 12.7 mm) to ± 1.0 inch (±25.4 mm), the HT-1000 Position Sensor operates with high resolution, high sensitivity of 0.25 mV/V/.001in, and excellent linearity of < ± 0.5% full range typical. 

This AC-operated sensor operates with a DIN-rail mounted signal conditioner that provides voltage, 4-20 mA current, or RS-485 digital output based on user requirements.  NewTek also offers ratiometric signal conditioners to maintain lower thermal sensitivity with high linearity. Signal conditioners operate remotely while the HT-1000 LVDT operates in extreme environments.