Lohmann: New electrical conductive adhesive tape solutions offer many benefits

Electrically conductive adhesive solutions offer high performance bonding and conductive properties in an easy to use and apply format. They provide an ideal shielding solution in electronic devices, where space and weight reduction are important factors. Lohmann´s new DuploCOLL® EC (Electrical Conductive) product range offers many benefits. These products are easy to die-cut and apply and show optimal performance. They possess anisotropic or isotropic conductive properties and therefore several advantages when compared to traditional soldering technologies.

A good example is when used in electronics packaging as it’s more environmentally friendly because isotropic conductive adhesive (ICA) joints are lead-free.

Liquid ICAs must be cured at lower temperatures than required for solder reflow so they are less destructive for thermally sensitive components. With ICA tapes you need no curing step and can be used direct inside of a reflow oven.

The new DuploCOLL® EC range is suitable for many application field; low current electrical interconnections, equipotential bonding, connecting of conductive materials or where electrostatic and EMI/RFI shielding is required. Products are available in customized rolls or die-cuts, in various dimensions and equipped with different electrical properties.