Tackling climate change and saving energy are now vital considerations for all of us. There is much discussion regarding power generation and transport, but the industrial sector is being seen as an additional and easier target for getting results.

Powering actuators directly with Linear electric motors rather than air cylinders can result in huge cost and emission savings across the board.

So much of our industry uses compressed air that is often regarded as the fourth utility, after electricity, natural gas and water. However, compressed air is more expensive than the other three utilities when evaluated on a per unit energy delivered basis.

Quin Systems, exclusive UK suppliers of LinMot Linear Motors for over 25 years, can help you calculate the predicted carbon and energy savings achieved by switching from a pneumatic solution to a linear motion solution.

LinMot, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial linear motors has released a new component of its LinMot Designer software that can quantify just how energy efficient its solution is, and the sizeable return on investment their motors can provide over pneumatics.


Take an example within the handling and assembling sector. A linear actuation is required on the horizontal plane to move items through to the next stage of the production process. A single LinMot Linear motor with guide can replace a traditional 63mm diameter rodless air cylinder for this task, ultimately reducing annual energy cost by over 10,000 EUR and CO2 emissions by over 26,000 kg.

Taking this example in more detail, the project requirements of this example are as follows:

  • Stroke  2 metres in each direction (4 meters per cycle)
  • Motion  Continuous reciprocating motion (8000h / year)
  • Time  3 seconds in each direction (6 seconds per cycle)
  • Moving mass  5kg
  • Load force  100N resistance in each direction

The return on investment is significant. Energy saved by using a single electrically driven actuator over a basic traditional pneumatic cylinder has the potential to cover its higher initial outlay within a very short timeframe, typically less than a year.

Combined with the extraordinarily long operation life of LinMot Linear Motors and the next to zero servicing requirements mean LinMot’s solution will continue working for years, improving the cost benefits and environmental efficiency of your production line by a significant margin.

LinMot has been manufacturing Linear Motors for over 28 years and understands very well the advantages they hold over pneumatics and other mechanical systems for applications with cyclical motions. They offer a longer operational life, almost zero maintenance, give greater flexibility, dynamics and accuracy, and above all offer significantly lower energy costs for a wide span of motion requirements.

Further LinMot Linear Motor Benefits:

In addition to a competitive return on investment, LinMot’s Linear Motors provide invaluable benefits. Movements are far more accurate and controllable compared to pneumatics; no impact force is necessary, thanks to completely customisable torque and power curves at any point of the moment, courtesy of its electromagnetic principles. The individual motors are extremely compact and do not need the infrastructure footprint of an air distribution network, which in turn also further increases reliability. Combined with IP67 and FDA approval, LinMot motors can easily integrate into any solution.

As LinMot’s exclusive UK distributor, Quin Systems possesses in depth technical expertise and knowledge regarding the design, sizing, and integration of any LinMot solution. Should you require assistance or advice at any stage of the design or integration process, or even to help calculate a return on investment, Quin can offer a no-commitment consultation to help maximise the energy and cost efficiency of your production line.

For more information, please contact Quin Systems, the LinMot distributor for UK & Ireland on 0118 977 1077 or Website: