Based on a philosophy of providing our customers with a one stop shop solution, at Lincoln Binns we manufacture our own range of extrusions that we offer a full customisation service for. All standard products can be purchased online through our store. We also supply and customise quality products from Bopla and Hammond Manufacturing.

Introducing the Pi-Box Pro 4

Following on from the success of the Pi-Box Pro, Lincoln Binns have now developed the Pi-Box Pro4 for the Raspberry Pi4. Available in various configurations including, silver or black case, with or without access to the SD card and with or without the heatsink kit.

The standard unit is housed in a rugged aluminium enclosure with an acrylic rear plate to allow use of the internal Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities of the Pi.

The Extender Board

The new Raspberry Pi4 has the same footprint as the Pi3 and also has connectors on 3 sides of the board, making housing the Pi4 in an aluminium housing difficult. As with the Pi3 we have developed an extension board to take the USB C and the 2 Micro HDMI connectors from the side of the Pi and turn them through 90 degrees so that they are on the same plane as the Ethernet and USB connectors.

The Turner Board

The turner board turns the GPIO through 90 degrees so that any connectors on a standard form factor HAT end up on the same plane as the rear panel of the enclosure. This is not sold as an off the shelf solution as we customise each panel to suit the relevant HAT.

The Heatsink Kit

As the Pi4 can run hot while under full load we have also designed a heatsink solution. The initial testing for the new Pi-Box Pro4 went very well. We used the Pi’s own temperature indicator for a very basic test.

We carried out three tests:

The Pi4 in Open air

  • Enclosed in Pi-Box Pro Case
  • Enclosed in the Pi-Box Pro Case with the heat sink kit.

Procedure followed:

  • Load Raspberry Pi with standard software & install stress-ng package. “sudo apt-get install stress-ng”
  • Run process viewer “htop” to verify cpu is 100% loaded.
  • Run temperature indicator (every 2s) “watch /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp”
  • Run stress software “stress -c 4”

Test results were as follows:

  • Idle Temperature (degC) | Loaded Temperature after 10 minutes (degC) | Difference (degC)
  • Open air, 46 | 79 | 33
  • Pi-Box Pro Case, 46 | 83 | 37
  • Pi-Box Pro Case with heat sink, 35 | 55 | 20

In short, the Pi-Box Pro4 with the Pi running at 100% we see a temperature drop of 28 degC within the enclosure with the heatsink kit fitted.

19” Rack Mount Solution

The Pi-Box Pro can be mounted into a 19” Rack system. We can mount up to 3 units across a single 1U panel and we can manufacture panels up to 12U. The Pi units can either be fixed or removable.

Other Mounting Solutions

We offer a full range of mounting options including: Linc-Lugs for surface mounting, DIN Rail Clip Kits, VESA Mount Bracket

Customisation Options

At Lincoln Binns we offer a full customisation service. We can supply the Pi-Box Pro 3 & 4 in a different coloured enclosure, text on the end plates or your company branding on the enclosure.

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