Simply put, LG Motion (Stand D145) facilitates PMDi’s engineering projects and applications in the UK for the fastest, most reliable commercially available real-time motion control network currently on the market. Precision Microdynamics Inc. has a twenty year history in high precision servo control and today produces its Polaris™ motion control platform for advanced automation where motion, I/O and data acquisition needs to be synchronised to nanosecond levels of precision.

Application areas for Polaris include laser micromachining, diamond turning, robot kinematics, wafer stepping and scanning, hardware in the loop simulation and in many other high precision industries where uncompromised motion and event synchronisation is required for best precision and fastest throughput. An application example for laser micromachining includes PMDi’s own pulsed laser CNC machine which includes both long stroke BLDC motors and fast galvo scanner motors for integrated infinite field of view (IFOV) applications.   

The Polaris motion and machine control system runs on PMDi’s real-time Gbit per second Mercury™ network. Polaris comprises multi-axis motion controllers, servo amplifiers with full 64-bit double precision calculations plus digital and analogue I/O modules. The platform is perfectly suited to high speed and high precision positioning with a motion capability to 124 axes. The network can synchronise motion, digital and analogue I/O, and manage data acquisition of all amplifier and other modules to within 10 nanoseconds – with the possibility of even faster timing coordination with the optional Pulsar™ sync module which reduces the sampling jitter to achieve sub-nanometre precision. Servo amplifier technologies are available for linear and rotary brushless servo, brushed motors, galvanometers and voice-coil actuators.

Setting up and tuning the motion control system is easy with PMDi’s intuitive MotionTools  software whilst programming and communication is flexibly managed by a variety of user customisable software components including  motion control libraries, path planner utilities, a G-code interface, a fully featured IDE and a suite of LabView VI’s if required.

In addition to consultancy and technical support for PMDi motion system applications, LG Motion is able to provide added value through system integration with its own range positioning mechanics as well as high precision linear servomotor based positioning stages and gantry systems through its distribution partnership with the Anorad Division of Rockwell Automation UK.

LG Motion, based in Basingstoke, also carries a large capacity in-house design and manufacturing capability for custom manufactured motion systems and represents a select group of global distribution partners for motion components that range from encoders to linear bearings.

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