Lenze UK have moved from their previous premises and are ready for the next step in Automation & Digitisation in their new Bedfordshire office.

During the Covid period Lenze focussed even more on their partnership for industrial automation industries. With a strengthened sales force in automation and digitisation they are ready for the next chapter in assisting OEMs to use data from increasingly intelligent systems.
Nowadays when we talk about automation platforms, we can no longer associate a single brand name to an entire automation platform. Machine automation companies must provide a system that is open, suitable for collecting data and, with the help of algorithms, doing the right things with that data, be that decreasing costs by improving machine performance for example, or allowing an entry into a totally new business model. Therefore, in the control platform that Lenze provides “the world is represented in terms of IT and OT” according to Eric van den Broek, Managing Director of Lenze in UK and Benelux.
Data scientists from Lenze act as sparring partner to the client. What do you want? Where are you now? Where do you want to be in five years? What can you do with collected data? With predictive maintenance you could perhaps look at the lifespan of a motor: how long can it run for or when do the bearings need to be replaced. Of course that is important, but why stop there?
Without adding additional sensors, we can look much further into the entire drive chain. What is attached to the motor, what is being driven? We could for example use self-learning algorithms to monitor the tension of a timing belt, and in turn create an email alert for a maintenance crew. ‘These kinds of solutions provide much greater added value for the customer,’ says Van den Broek. With fewer sensors, a machine builder also needs fewer inputs for the control system and therefore less cabling.
Our international team in Bedford is well equipped and open to talk about new automation challenges. So, give Lenze a call, drop in to see our new office and grab a coffee.
The new facilities are located here:
Lenze Limited
6 Abbey Court
Priory Business Park, MK44 3WH Bedford United Kingdom
Phone +44 1234 753200
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