Worldwide unique flowmeter combining IO-Link with remote version design.                                                                                                                                 

Be in the pharmaceutical industry, in water treatment or in food production; if conductive media such as cooling water is added to a process, magnetic-inductive flow meters are usually installed for monitoring purposes, particularly in the context of dosing where the measuring flow meters must possess precise response times, and should also be easy to configure, otherwise incorrect dosing or insufficient repeatability will occur.

Although there are already many accurate devices for small and medium flow rates in the market place, they are often limited in functionality or lack flexibility at the installation stage. KOBOLD  provides these features as standard with its flowmeter duo, models MIM and MIS.

Due to the extensive options for on-site programming, these instruments are suitable for cross-industry use, particularly for dosing applications. Configurable optical buttons can be used to display parameters such as flow rates or temperatures.  A changing colour system in the display also warns of limit violations. Since the MIM model is the first variant produced in a remote version, in which the display and electronics are not integrated in the sensor unit, the flow meter can be used for media temperatures up to +140 ° C.

For reference, `Magnetic-inductive‘ flow meters work without moving parts, unlike rotating vane flow meters, and for this reason they can be used in a wider range of applications, and are very resistant to wear. As a result, these devices have proven to be effective in measuring the flow of conductive media such as water, pulps and pastes, juices, and emulsions.