CamdenBoss is a UK leading manufacturer of electrical enclosures and E-mech components which, with years of industry knowledge and technical knowhow, has found itself at the forefront of an evolving market. It is an exciting era where electronics continue to change and improve the world that we live in.

In the past 25 years, the world has become a more connected place to live, with electronic advances bringing us all closer together through apps, smart electronics and the internet. In just the past 5 years alone, markets like IoT and industry 4.0 have burst onto the scene on a worldwide scale, bringing with it a whole host of industrial, medical, educational and environmental benefits.

It is only through electronic enhancement that you can closely monitor the health of a patient 24/7, get a text that you’re out of groceries or control the temperature of your home from 1,000 miles away! With that in mind, it is almost impossible to deny the advantages available from technological development.

During the 50 years that CamdenBoss has been manufacturing connectors and enclosures, we have seen our customer base change and expand as it evolves to suit new discoveries and equally the emergence of new markets.

It is with these advances, new applications and purposes that a variety of different styled terminal blocks is essential to our customers. Priding itself on a comprehensive, fine tuned selection of products, provides our customers with the tools they need to design a successful electronic system.

CamdenBoss manufactures and stocks four main types of terminal blocks in the core range.

Standard PCB terminal blocks are your typical wire to board assembly connectors, soldered onto the PCB by through hole pins. They provide a screw type termination to hold the wire in place and utilise either a wire protector or rising clamp terminal. Within the range a comprehensive selection of low and standard profiles are available, alongside larger blocks for higher current requirements. The pitch sizes in this category start at 2.54mm pitch and work up to 10.16mm, providing an ideal selection for various applications.

Pluggable terminal blocks work using two halves, a male terminal block that is soldered to the PCB and a female terminal block that acts as a plug. This method is more commonly used in applications where disconnection and reconnection are required, for example maintenance reasons or plugging in diagnostic equipment to machinery. The wires do not need to be taken out and therefore save the user time. Pluggable terminal blocks are a slightly more premium product; however, they are more efficient in many ways compared to standard terminal blocks.

Screwless solutions share similar aspect to that of a pluggable block, in the sense that they can help reduce maintenance and set up times of large assemblies. An actuator or lever is pressed, opening the cage clamp, in which the wire is inserted and held. Like rising clamps, the cage clamp does not become perished and provides a premium alternative to standard connectors. Available in pitch sizes from 2.54mm up to 7.62mm.

CamdenBoss also manufactures a choice of DIN Rail mounted terminal blocks, available in either 5mm or 5.08mm pitch sizes. The connector is essentially a pluggable terminal block in which another pluggable block can be connected too. Using this style, a wire to wire connection can be achieved.

CamdenBoss’s aim is to gift its customers with the ability to make the correct choice and ensure an easy selection. They have a well-established trusted range, combined with a customer-driven principle and quality assurance.

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