In cooperation with German company ISG (Industrial Control Technology), the ISG-CNC core is now implemented in the KEB automation system – with individual possibilities for many industries, from woodworking and robotics, to motion control, CNC and the manufacture of dental prostheses.

KEB’s complete solution enables CNC machine tool manufacturers to create their technologies with ‘open’ automation tools without compromising on CNC functionality. The user can put together the required hardware from KEB’s wide portfolio of control, drives, automation and safety technology. The respective software package, which consists of an integrated CNC core for movement, as well as visualisation and a user-friendly HMI interface, is scalable according to user requirements.

The cooperation between ISG and KEB Automation results in numerous options and opportunities that go far beyond the ISG-CNC basis. This means that customers can use additional features for different applications – depending on their individual needs.

The basic package includes the following functions:    

• Speed and acceleration pre-control, jerk limitation

• Powerful, tactile-synchronous CNC-PLC interface

• Coupling functions, gantry axis functions, measuring function

• Look-ahead function.

• Linear, circular, spiral interpolation

• DIN 66025 program syntax with high-level language extension.

•  Sub-program technology, macro definitions, coordinate systems, spindle and additional functions

• Operation with automatic mode, manual mode, single block mode, referencing, block advance, handwheel operation mode.

• Tool management.

An expansion package is available which includes the additional features:

•  CNC Channels – up to 12 expandable channels, channel synchronisation, axis exchange between the channels.

• Transformation (trafo) – expansion of all CNC channels through kinematic transformation.

•High-Speed Cutting (HSC) – faster machining times, higher accuracy, better surface quality.

• Spline – use  of gearing (AKIMA, B-Spline) for geometry optimisation.

• Cutting – CNC technology extension for cutting (e.g. laser, plasma, oxyfuel, water jet).

• Volumetric compensation (vol. comp.) – effective method of increasing machine accuracy.

CNC features in detail

“Almost 100 kinematics are already stored in the Transformation feature. In the near future, it will also be possible to create your own kinematics,” says Michael Zacharewicz, head of Control & Automation at KEB. This feature is used wherever individual kinematics are required by the application.

The High Speed Cutting feature is used when high quality demands are required on surfaces. A very high speed results in significantly lower cutting forces, which makes it possible to manufacture very precise tools, for example, for plastic injection moulding machines.

The Spline feature can be used to calculate optimal paths for the user. “This enables us to run perfect path radii that are either designed for high precision or production speed,” explains Zacharewicz.

In order to further optimise the accuracy of a CNC machine, the Volumetric Compensation feature offers the possibility of compensating machine tolerances using software.

The Channel feature is suitable for parallel machining of workpieces. Here, a workpiece is often machined by several kinematics or sorted using a ‘pick-and-place’ application. The feature allows up to 12 kinematics to be controlled simultaneously on a single IPC with a single CNC core.

Open tools

“With our features in the CNC core, we can satisfy applications in any industry and now offer everything from the axes to the HMI interface that customers need for their projects,” says Michael Zacharewicz. The integration of the ISG kernel into the KEB complete solution results in a high level of usability, as the system is set up using the COMBIVIS studio 6 automation tool. Its object-oriented design supports the user in configuring the axes and channels. In addition, PLC and machine functions can be easily extended via the IEC61131 standard.

In addition to the software core for CNC (ISG kernel) used by KEB, ISG also owns real-time simulation software for virtual commissioning (ISG virtous), in which the first KEB products have already been implemented as ‘digital twins’. ISG also has a test automation software tool for control software (ISG dirigent).