On one side of the Atlantic Kaydon Bearings is celebrating its 75th anniversary and on the other, R. A. Rodriguez marks 48 years of bringing Kaydon innovation in bearing design to its customers in UK, Ireland and Scandinavia.  Indeed, the enduring success of this partnership has now led to R. A. Rodriguez representing Kaydon interests in wider Europe too with Turkey a significant market for both companies.

Kaydon was founded in May 1941 in Muskegon, Michigan and its original location is still the Kaydon facility today.  When no other company would take on the task of producing 50 inch and larger bearings for US Navy warship gun mounts, Kaydon was born.  Now an SKF Group brand, Kaydon continues to apply its expertise to the world’s most demanding bearing challenges and this heritage has made Kaydon a leading choice for design engineers specifying components for mission-critical applications.

Central to the KAYDON product programme today is the Reali-Slim range, bearings-of-choice where space is at a premium and weight needs to be minimised.  These bearings are available in both Imperial and metric sizes and in different radial sections up to 1m diameter from stock – larger to order.

Turntable bearings also remain a Kaydon speciality and popular products in the growing  R. A. Rodriguez bearing range.  They provide optimal economy in a given envelope dimension and are widely specified for their significant load carrying capacity and where precision positioning is critical.