Showing a commitment to quality in manufacturing and processes, Lee Spring has invested in the refurbishment of its Berkshire based UK premises, to increase warehousing space and modernise the facility.

“This is more than just a ‘make-over’; this is essentially a brand new facility, with enhanced and updated quality processes” says Chris Petts, Managing Director. “The warehouse operation has been completely reformatted to ensure the greatest level of efficiency can be achieved. As well as increased warehouse space, we have more office space with a boardroom and meeting rooms so this is a welcoming environment to bring customers into.”

 Quality is paramount to Lee Spring’s operation and the newly refurbished 12,600 sq feet facility enables the company to place an even greater focus on quality processes, whilst enhancing the efficiency of the warehouse.  Lee Spring is an ISO 9001 Registered Company and delivers high quality springs and fasteners to various sectors, including medical, aerospace, autosport and automotive, which all require high quality products, manufactured to strict legislative standards.  It is imperative that springs in these types of application are correctly specified and of the highest quality.

Quality Manager Piotr Kazmierczak helps to ensure that all staff adhere to the recently enhanced quality processes.  “In terms of future plans, the new updated UK facility equips Lee Spring to deal more efficiently with existing customers and give us the potential to grow customer numbers” says Piotr. 

Lee Spring has a significant representation, not only in the South of England, but is also expanding to various areas of the UK including the North, the Midlands, Scotland, Ireland, as well as having a distributor in Italy.

Lee Spring is Europe’s No1 Stock Spring Supplier, with over 19,000 different off-the-shelf spring types, including compression springs, die springs, extension springs, torsion springs and wave springs.  For applications requiring something outside the extensive Lee Spring catalogue range, the company offers a world class custom spring design and manufacturing service.

The latest Lee Spring catalogue, which is available to download from the website, features stock spring designs, including 2,000 recently added metric sizes. For more information visit or call + 44 (0)118 978 1800.