Impulse Embedded, a leading provider of industrial computing systems and solutions, have been presented with a Platinum Partner Award for 2021 by Axiomtek in recognition of their success in integrating industrial motherboards, box computers, panel PCs and embedded SBCs into a large number of projects particularly in the rail, artificial intelligence and building management sectors.

Impulse Embedded have been a channel partner for Axiomtek for 20 years and the award was presented to them during a recent visit to their new facility by Wen Wang, Sales Director of Axiomtek. Founded in 1990, Axiomtek is a leading design and manufacturing company in the industrial computer and embedded field and have successfully gained worldwide recognition for innovative designs and outstanding customer satisfaction. Axiomtek serve markets including automation, transportation, gaming, power utility, POS, kiosk, retail, network security, medical, digital signage, green power and more.

Craig Stone, Commercial Director of Impulse Embedded, said, “The last two years have seen a significant investment from Impulse, buying a new facility, adding to our team, bolstering our people skills, and improving services and infrastructure which together has increased our scope and improved customer experience. The visit of Weng Wang from Axiomtek allowed us to show him our enlarged facilities and further our relationship with this key partner demonstrating that collaboration is a huge part of our core values.”

Impulse Embedded capabilities can create reliable, repeatable, and revision-controlled systems aimed at reducing customers overall project costs and development time. An in-house team of engineers and specialists, all with decades of experience, can provide fully deployable embedded computing solutions straight out of the box.

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