ifm takes counting out of the PLC

Dec 15, 2021 | Electrical & electronics, Technology File

The versatile new DP2302 counter module is part of a growing range of modules that ifm electronic is offering to perform commonly used functions outside a plant’s main PLC. Not only do these modules simplify the PLC code, in many cases they also reduce costs by eliminating the need to use expensive special-function PLC cards. The DP2302 can, for example, often take the place of a dedicated high-speed counter card.

Specifically designed for convenient on-plant installation, the DP2302 counter can be easily configured for object counting, batch counting, consumption metering and for almost any other application requiring pulse evaluation. It can control actuators and similar loads directly or pass results to a PLC via its IO-Link interface, which is also used for programming. A built-in LED display provides local confirmation of current count values and switching status.

DP2302 counters can be programmed for up- or down-counting with preset target values and can be switched between these modes via IO-Link or by using an auxiliary digital input. In addition, they offer batch counting, where the batch count is incremented every time the main count reaches a user-defined preset value. Scaling is also supported, where the increment by which the counter increases for each input pulse is defined as a fraction, the numerator and denominator of which can be set by the user to any value between 1 and 1,000. Maximum count value in all modes is 1,000,000.

With compact semi-cylindrical bodies that have axially mounted M12 connectors, ifm’s DP2302 counters can be readily installed in line with plant cabling, or alternatively they can be mounted conventionally using the accessory mounting clip. Their IP67 ingress protection rating and wide operating temperature range make them suitable for use in all normal industrial environments without the need for additional protection.


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