Recognising that high-quality interconnections play an important role in enhancing the reliability of automation systems, ifm electronic is now offering an extensive range of ecolink cables for use with field-mounted sensors. Suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including those in hygienic and wet areas, the new cables not only reduce wiring time for sensors, they also provide long lasting functionality thanks to their advanced design and sturdy construction.

Key features of all cables in the new ecolink range include halogen- and silicone-free construction, integrated profiled sealing rings that provide effective protection against moisture ingress, and a special sawtooth contour screw thread for the retaining nuts which makes them highly resistant to the effects of vibration. Additionally, the retaining nuts are contoured for enhanced grip and need only be tightened by hand. This means that the cables can be quickly and conveniently installed or removed without the use of tools.

Ecolink cables are available in M8/M12 versions with an M8 connector at one end and an M12 connector at the other. These are offered in lengths from 0.3 m up to 5 m. Also available are versions with M8 connectors at both ends, which are offered in lengths from 0.3 m up to 25 m.  Both versions can be supplied with straight or right-angle connectors and, in selected configurations, with an integral LED indicator.

Standard ecolink cables are suitable for use at up to 50 V AC or 60 V DC, while types with an LED indicator have an operating voltage range of 10 to 36 V DC. The nominal current rating for all types is 3 A.