Developed specifically to be versatile, easy to use and fast to implement, the new moneo IIoT platform from ifm electronic provides a convenient and cost-effective solution to the challenge of converting the huge amount of data generated by modern plant and machines into useful information that can be used to reduce downtime, optimise efficiency and cut costs.

“IIoT is a hot topic in every sector of industry,” said Paul Stansfield, Industry 4.0 System Sales Manager of ifm electronic, “and there’s wide agreement that it has the potential to give users a real competitive advantage. However, IIoT solutions have a reputation for being costly and difficult to develop. Our moneo system changes all of that by making it easy to implement powerful and scalable IIoT solutions quickly at modest cost. To encourage users to try this for themselves, we’ve not only launched a full range of moneo software and hardware, but also a starter kit which has everything needed to implement a small moneo system at a very attractive price.”

moneo is a modular system which users can readily configure to match their individual needs. At its heart is moneo OS, which provides flow modelling and automatic alarm functions, and well as facilities for managing all of the other moneo software modules. These include moneo RTM, which can be used to implement fully customisable user interfaces that allow plant and machine information to be presented in numeric, graphical or dashboard formats, according to the user’s requirements. moneo RTM also provides powerful features for analysing and summarising the data collected by the moneo system.

Other software modules in the moneo range include moneo configure, which offers powerful management, fault-finding and configuration facilities for connected IO-Link sensors and devices; moneo infopoints which collects data from connected devices; moneo RTM-AVA which provides the ability to record vibration spectrum for detailed analysis; and moneo edgeconnect, which allows easy interchange of data between ifm sensors and devices connected to your moneo installation with your IT systems.

To complement the moneo software modules, ifm is offering moneo appliance, a ruggedised industrial PC that is preconfigured to provide a convenient basis for moneo implementations. For users wishing to use alternative hardware, however, the modules are also available in versions that can be used on a standard PC running the Microsoft Windows operating system.


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