Electronic devices for consumers and medical patients are rapidly becoming wireless and connected to meet the changing needs of users. IDC’s experience has shown that many manufacturers want to incorporate this technology, but have concerns about managing the safe transfer of data, as well as the associated development costs. With this in mind, IDC has created ready-made IoT modules that can be integrated with electronic devices for a huge range of applications.  

With IDC’s wide experience in RF, wireless, network protocols and low power micro-electronics, the team developed a series of flexible, low-cost IoT modules to suit the diverse range of applications for connected and smart devices.  This could include home based consumer devices, right through to personal medical devices, with the module configured to suit the exact requirement. 

Speaking about the benefits of the modules, IDC’s MD, Stephen Knowles, said, “It is not always necessary for manufacturers to develop bespoke electronic solutions. This is a perfect example of how clients can benefit from our IoT expertise by using proven, ready-made IoT modules to save development time, cost and risk. Data safety and hacking of IoT devices is becoming an increasing concern for consumers and manufacturers so we have created modules which come with robust security providing end-to-end encryption, which means data is encrypted before it is sent and then further encrypted while being sent for added reassurance.”

IDC currently has two IoT modules that can be incorporated within clients’ electronic devices; the Indus Module, suitable for domestic, office and industrial environments; and the Yukon Module, which is suited to Bluetooth personal devices.     

The IDC Indus smart/connected device module works using a low cost 868 proprietary network and can be adapted for new and emerging standards such as LoRa, with a range of up to 200m. It is suitable for use in domestic, office and industrial environments.  This low power system has high penetration, low cost and allows the user to remotely access their devices to talk to each other. Applications include remote operation of home and garden appliances, monitoring and re-ordering of consumables for office vending systems, remote monitoring of plant equipment. In fact, the applications are as wide as the needs of industry staff.                    

The Yukon module provides a low cost, low power and secure Bluetooth link to the internet via the user’s smart phone.  Ideally suited to portable personal devices, the Yukon has onboard intelligence to operate autonomously and provide periodic synchronisation when paired with the device. Once installed, the module can be configured to suit the application. Applications include personal medical devices such as injection and infusion pumps, inhalers, or monitors measuring things such as heart rate, blood glucose and many more. 

For medical applications both devices can be validated to ISO 60601 for hardware and ISO 62304 for software.

For further information about IDC’s IoT modules, visit: www.idc.uk.com.