Carlo Gavazzi has launched the ICS E1 sensor range which are perfectly equipped to ensure accurate and reliable detection of actuating parts such as pistons, gear speed and position, crane position and movement on mobile industrial vehicles.

The ICS series are equipped to provide the optimal solution for industrial vehicles in applications where the sensor is exposed to extreme operating conditions such as high levels of shock and vibration, wide temperature variations, voltage peaks of up to 200V, frequent high pressure and high temperature wash-down cycles as well as offering immunity to radiated electromagnetic interference of up 200 V/m.

IP68 and IP69K ratings provides excellent protection against high pressure and temperature washing cycles. Available in M12, M16 and M30 robust stainless-steel housing with either a 2M high grade PUR cable or M12 plug offers maximum electrical and mechanical flexibility with flush or non-flush, PNP, NPN, NO and NC option.

The integrated load dump protection prevents voltage peaks on the on-board power supply, 20g vibration resistance, 100g shock resistance and 40g continuous shock resistance as well as providing an 8-60VDC operating range and 4-22mm high switching distance and offers extended operating temperature from -40 to +85°C. These fail-safe sensors are particularly suited to applications such as refuse trucks, cranes, concrete mixers, fire engines, buses, forklifts and agricultural machinery to name just a few.