At, customers can specify individual electronic display units

Gundersheim, 5 August 2013. German-based company i-sft GmbH has just announced that it will offer various designs for individual electronic display units without any non-recurring costs for development. On the new website, the specifications of many available technology platforms can now be downloaded as PDF files. Potential buyers can request their own modifications, or they can cover a very wide range of form factors, light outputs, and degrees of ruggedness on the basis of these platforms. Due to their long years of experience with display units for extreme fields of application, such as vehicle manufacturing, aeronautics, shipbuilding, and outdoor applications, i-sft can make use of a fully developed set of solutions for a large number of display-specific issues. 

20 years after the foundation of i-sft as a department within the Siemens group and 10 years after its being bought out into an independent company, this new strategy emphasizes i-sft’s positioning in the global market as a specialist for application-specific electronic display units. The website is currently available in English, other language versions are being prepared.

“We have never made catalogue products so far and we will not start doing so,” Klaus Wammes, CEO of i-sft, explains the company’s strategy. “But precisely because we have been dealing with nothing but ‘special’ and ‘extreme’ problems for 20 years, we have acquired so many problem-solving strategies for such applications that we can meet many challenges by intelligently combining our various platforms. For the customer this means he gets a solution that is just as good as a completely customized development at only a fraction of the cost. This enables us to offer very competitive prices even in a highly specialized market, so we will considerably expand our national and international business in the years to come.”

About i-sft:

i-sft GmbH is a leading “global player” for tailor-made display solutions used in the capital goods sector and offers highly specialized technology services in this area, such as trouble-shooting, failure analysis, consulting,  and display-specific measurements. Started in 1993 as a research department within the Siemens group, i-sft was carried over into an independent company within the Wammes Group in 2003. The company, based in Gundersheim/Germany, develops and manufactures customer-specific display solutions that are used in the most demanding applications of international customers. On the interactive website, interested parties can configure their individual displays and request quotations.