In an era of technological innovation, the power industry is at the forefront, there is a constant demand to adapt and improve and panel builders are doing just that.

The demand for floor standing enclosures is increasing, engineers are being asked to incorporate more into their control panel designs, to develop new systems that can be adapted and evolved as the needs of their customers change, versatility is a must and spacing solutions are essential aspects of an engineer’s design.

Choosing the correct enclosure is more crucial than ever, the enclosure design can minimise production time, reduce the maintenance and downtime, eliminate costly additions of forced cooling and offer the ability of simple baying and accessory solutions both before and after installation.

How Tempa Pano UK is helping panel builders to become more adaptable:

The AS range

Our floor standing enclosure range has been re-designed, there are now five simple mounting plate fixation configurations to tackle any panel building project:

All parts are interchangeable.

AS.111 – this unique design has a sliding mounting plate, that can be adjusted into any depth in the enclosure. Allowing versatility for many applications that require set distances from the door to the mounting plate of the enclosure.

AS. 121 – this is a duel mounting plate design, allowing back to back mounting or adjustable depth mounting of two plates, this design allows two depth populating for heavily populated enclosures. This can drastically reduce the size of enclosure needed to incorporate all elements of the control panel.

AS. 131 – this configuration is our easy install design, with fully interchangeable parts between all other configurations, simple infill plates are required for baying, meaning the number of additional need for baying is minimal and the process is made simple to reduce production time.

AS. 141 – The 141 is used for side fixing, allowing the maximum useable area on the mounting plate, additionally in this configuration two enclosures can be bayed one on top of the other. This allows additional versatility even after installation, the baying process is again made simple with minimal additional parts required.

AS. 151 – this configuration allows for the maximum depth of the enclosure to be used, ideal for loading larger components, once again simple baying is attainable in this configuration.


Cooling Chimney System –

Our cooling chimney design allows for increased cooling without additional costs or requirements for air conditioning units. This is ideal for projects that require the panel to include drives.


Our in house engineering design team –

We offer an in house design engineering service, our team are able to lead engineers through selecting the right enclosure for their needs, making additional design changes, creating novel enclosure and creating specifications/re-specifications to designs


The Tempa Pano Augmented Reality App –

Working alongside innovative software developers at the University of Liverpool the Tempa Pano AR app, has been designed to allow customers to easily access mounting instructions and details to help guide all aspects of installation.


Through continuous customer focused research and innovative development Tempa Pano UK is offering a unique approach to delivering floor standing enclosures. With unique designs and innovative technologies Tempa Pano UK has the floor standing enclosure for every project.