Developing solutions to address the pain points in the manufacturing industry has always been a key part in moving forward. With every great idea or large project, there are always going to be technical challenges between conception and completion. 

One of these challenges is coordinating with the various companies in the supply chain, which could end up spreading around the entire globe; a challenge that was noticed by Luke Smoothy, founder of Get It Made.  
Founding Get It Made 
Get It Made was founded in 2011, when director Luke Smoothy realised there was a serious problem with how manufacturing is carried out. 
Luke Smoothy, Director at Get It Made said: “I noticed that everything was harder than it should be. Taking your own product from design and ideation all the way through to development required so much effort and research. Who should I contact to develop this? What processes should I use? How do I know if I’m being ripped off or not with the quotes I’m receiving? All ofthese things made me realise that there should definitely be a different, more efficient way of doing things. Get It Made wants to make everything simpler, as everyone in the team has previously experienced how difficult it is trying to fit the pieces together.”
How Get It Made can help you know what manufacturing processes you need
The process of developing a product that requires manufacturing needs two main questions being asked: what techniques are required to make the part, and who will be carrying out these techniques? 
The designer will have an idea of the processes, whether it be CNC machining or turning for example, but might not be sure if these are the optimum options. Having a consultant on hand to talk through which strategy to go with is always a good idea, as they might notice something that needs tweaking.
The much harder thing to identify is the best company to undertake the manufacturing. With a huge range of options around the globe, finding the right partner can be quite intimidating. 
This is where Get It Made comes in; having a contact that already knows exactly who to go to for specific jobs, almost a tour guide of the manufacturing world, will come in extremely handy. Not only for the best quality, but for identifying the best prices as well. Quotes on large projects aren’t always the easiest to compare due to the complexity of the job, so having a trusted source to correctly compare prices can be invaluable depending on the size of the project. 
What Get It Made are doing to help protect the planet 
The manufacturing industry doesn’t have the cleanest reputation when it comes to the environment. As awareness is spreading of just how bad things have got with plastic pollution and other environmental issues, Get It Made wants to be a part of this change. By signing up for the ‘1% for the planet’ initiative, where companies donate 1% of all profits to environmental causes, Get It Made is actively taking steps to improve the environmental impact of the manufacturing industry. 
Changing the way things are done 
Having more of a middleman, one-stop-shop approach has been shown to be of huge value to designers in the UK and globally. As well as the designers, it’s great for the manufacturing plants that provide genuine quality and value for money. By only partnering with the best manufacturers, it gives those companies a great name and recognition for the fantastic work they do. In short, everyone who puts quality above all else is recognised, and that’s the way it should be.
If you have a project in mind, whether it’s developing a prototype, or considering a concept on a larger scale that will require various elements to be coordinated, you can browse Get It Made’s website to see how the team can support you.