Elesa can offer a package of handwheels, crank handles, knobs, levers, handles, indexing and spring plungers, hinges, levelling feet, castors and wheels, and level indicators specifically designed to meet the needs of machines used in textile manufacture processing, garment production and packaging. They are manufactured in the most advanced engineering plastics or special stainless steels and great attention is paid to the design, ergonomics and surface finish to ensure maximum utility in both function and cleanliness.

The company offers the ELECOLORS chromatic range of orange, grey, yellow, blue, red, black and green for mouldings and inserts which creates an aesthetic compatibility between the components and the machines on which they are installed, while enhancing the perception of value and quality. Various colour options allow for better differentiation of differing machine functions, so contributing to safety in operation.

Good examples for the textile industries include the ERX adjustable clamping lever range with push-button release for quick action in the confined space of complex machines. ERX adjustable handles are generally used for repetitive clamping operations, sometimes with very high-frequency.Therefore, the stress resistance (i.e. the resistance to repeated tightening cycles) of the handle unit is particularly important and, especially, the strength of the toothed element which transmits the tightening force from the handle to the threaded element (boss or stud).

Other ELECOLORS products include a number of handwheel configurations for rotation of machine shafts and the MSR Connecting clamp system often used for mounting of sensors and visual detectors in processing environments.

Related direct drive digital position indicators aid in monitoring and resetting of machine shafts. Focusing on machine safety, the Elesa CFSW IP67 hinge with integral cut-off switch helps to ensure personnel safety when used on machine guards and cages, enabling simple fitment of both hinge and switch at the same time.

The CFSW protects against accidental opening of safety doors on machines and production equipment by automatically breaking off the power supply. This hinge can be subject to frequent cleaning cycles and can be used in any situation or environment where a special attention to cleaning and hygiene is requested, thanks to the IP67 protection class and the use of stainless steel elements for closing the hinge body.