Global technology leader in diaphragm pumps and systems for liquids and gases

KNF have been designing and manufacturing diaphragm pumps for use in demanding applications across a wide range of diverse industries for more than 60 years and are recognised throughout the world for their quality, reliability and performance.

We specialise in high quality OEM vacuum pumps, air compressors, liquid/metering/dosing pumps and also offer an extensive range of laboratory pumps and systems.  All of our pumps are 100% oil-free offering quiet, reliable and efficient transfer of air, gases and liquids. 

KNF provides its customers with extensive advice, reliable service and customized, flexible solutions.  Our standard pumps can easily be modified to suit a wide range of customer specific solutions for your application.  We work closely with you to design customised project pumps that give you a competitive edge in your target market.  From its configuration to its testing conditions and packaging, your project pump is tailored to your particular needs.

From medical equipment and instruments, to environmental engineering and analytics, to printing equipment and new technologies such as fuel cells, customers working in any field benefit from KNF’s expertise and many years of experience in diaphragm pump technology.

KNF UK has a dedicated team of experienced technical pump engineers.  At our facilities in Witney, Oxfordshire we offer sales, full services capabilities, local stock, system builds and technical support.  So whether your pumping application is for use in an OEM product or in the laboratory we will be happy to discuss your requirements further.  Visit our website to see our range of pumps – or call us 01993 778373 to discuss your application.

Introducing our new pumps

NMP 03 – The smallest of its kind

KNF’s NEW MICRO DIAPHRAGM GAS PUMP – NMP 03 offers outstanding performance in terms of power consumption, suction speed and linearity. Ideal for medical and safety-related applications.

Measuring only 12.9 x 21.4 x 24.2 mm (with brushless motor), KNF’s latest diaphragm gas pump is setting new standards when it comes to compact design. The NMP 03 is also truly lightweight (starting at 11 g). This makes the pump’s performance data even more impressive. At a constantly linear rate, the pump can transfer quantities from just a few millilitres up to 500 ml/min. Pumping small quantities of air in a controlled manner has never been so simple.

Thanks to its compact size and outstanding efficiency, the NMP_03 is particularly suitable for use in portable and battery-operated devices, including handheld devices for emission measurement or drugs and explosives detection. The NMP 03 is also very well suited to use in medical devices. In laboratories, it can be employed in handheld pipette applications, for example.

The NMP 03 is extremely quiet, making it ideal for medical applications carried out in close proximity to the patient, such as wound therapy (NPWT) or patient monitoring.

Available soon – a new liquid transfer pump

The new FL10 diaphragm pump with linear drive for OEM customers will be available from April  With a nominal liquid flow rate of 100ml/min, the FL 10 features bi-directional flow-tightness, IP 65 protection, a long and maintenance-free lifetime, and other cost-saving attributes.

The FL 10 pump is flow-tight in both directions in off-mode, making additional valves superfluous, thus saving on costs. The linear drive FL10 has sealing between the pump housing and the drive ensuring fail-safe operation, so liquid is kept away from other areas of the system.  IP65 protection suitable for operation in demanding conditions such as wet or dusty areas.

KNF’s well-proven diaphragm technology, makes handling sensitive fluids easier and safer. There is no pollution by abrasives, unlike gear pumps. Chemically aggressive fluids are handled by using different materials in line with customer requirements. In contrast to peristaltic pumps, the FL 10 does not require tubes to be exchanged.  This results in maintenance-free pumps over the whole lifetime of at least 10,000 hours.

The pump delivers 100ml/min against atmospheric pressure and can be operated up to 0.5 bar.

To register your interest in the FL10 pump contact us at

Features and benefits

  • Flow-tight in both directions
  • IP65
  • Linear flow rate adjustment
  • Fail-safe operation due to sealing between pump housing and linear drive
  • Calibrated during assembly for high repeatability
  • Clean, gentle transportation of sensitive liquids
  • Chemically resistant options available
  • Long lifetime and maintenance-free
  • Offers cost-saving potential