It is a question that many an engineer or project manager has been faced with: whether to take the cheaper short-term option now and worry later about the consequences of machine failure; or to invest more from the outset in quality components, but wait years to see a return on investment in terms of lower cost of ownership. Increasingly, companies are seeing the benefits of the latter approach, a concept known as life cycle cost (LCC), which is defined as the total cost, from acquisition to disposal, of operating a machine or plant. But still many fail to recognise the economic advantages of taking the long-term view – not least when it comes to bolting.

Statistics show that more than 50% of accidents and failures in industries are related to bolt failures. For over 30 years, the Nord-Lock Group has been focusing on solving the toughest bolting challenges and during this time the Group has come across numerous such examples of companies driven by short-sightedness. In one extreme case, where a bolt came loose and fell into the machinery at a paper mill, a granite roll worth over $1million was destroyed and the plant put temporarily out of action. Investing in a better bolt securing solution at an early stage could have saved such a massive expense years down the line.

To ensure top performance of your applications, minimize maintenance costs and eliminate expensive downtime, companies should not focus on short-term cost reduction but instead look for long-term reliability. With Nord-Lock’s unique combination of bolting expertise and a wide product range, the Group is a global trusted partner for companies all over the world seeking safe and reliable bolted joints.

One of Nord-Lock’s customers that employed LCC approach and chose wedge-locking washers from Nord-Lock was able to reduce costs through the lifespan of its gas turbines, and additionally several thousand euro per turbine on maintenance costs. Deciding on and investing in the right equipment from the outset can prove to be thousands of times cheaper in the long run.

Nord-Lock product portfolio: wedge-locking products, X-series washers, Superbolt™ multi-jackbolt tensioners and Expansion bolting can cover any bolt size between M3 and M1450. The applications they secure are running at -270 °C and 700 °C; they have applications in space, they are at home in deep-sea exploration. No matter what the bolting challenge is, Nord-Lock has done it before.

Nord-Lock’s in-house R&D and Project Engineering teams are able to provide in-depth education and support, according to your needs. The Group can assist you in the design phase of your equipment with joint simulation and testing and additionally help you ensure successful operations over time with on-site support and remote product training. Not only do you save time looking for all the information you need, but you also save money on going to external institutes for testing, or hiring extra design engineers to provide the correct values. When you choose Nord-Lock, you don’t just buy the part – you are buying a whole package.

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