Gas spring selection just got easier!

Jul 30, 2018 | Springs & shock absorbers

ACE introduces new online gas spring calculation program.

In just five easy steps, design engineers can now calculate and design a gas spring tailored to their application using the new gas spring calculation tool found on the website.

In the past, it was necessary to contact the ACE gas spring team directly and complete a design form sent back and forth by fax or e-mail when enquiring about the selection and availability of a suitable ACE gas spring. Thanks to this new online calculation program, design is now easier, faster and can be made at any time – 24/7.

Unique in the industry, the program is completely intuitive and applications can be visualized in either 2D or 3D. The most common applications of push type gas springs on hoods, flaps, hatches and machine housings can now be calculated in a few simple steps.

The recommended ACE gas spring and the required mounting accessories are specified precisely. In addition, an installation sketch can be generated with the help of the online tool.

In the interest of its customers, ACE uses this service to shorten the entire process from design and ordering to delivery. In the current version of the software the order is still triggered by an online inquiry; it is planned in the future, that the gas springs determined by online calculation will be available directly from an ACE e-shop.

For customers who would still like help with their product selection then personal advice and assistance in the calculation and ordering of ACE gas springs is always available.


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