The range of icotek cable management products available from M Buttkereit Ltd has now been extended to incorporate their latest KEL-ER range. This covers a split cable entry system, currently suitable for cables from 2 to 14mm diameter but also including pre-terminated products. As well as providing cable strain-relief according to DIN EN 50262, this innovative product design ensures IP65 sealing. This level of sealing quality is believed to be unique for any split entry system products currently available within the same price range. However, these icotek products can now also show considerable savings for cable entry requirements in extreme conditions, where IP65 protection forms an essential part of the installation specification.

The KEL-ER system features top-opening black Polyamide frames, used in conjunction with grey elastomer inserts and appropriate gasketing which are all sealed tight when the frame lid is fitted and the assembly screwed into position. This overall high pressure seal ensures appropriate cable strain relief as well as the IP65 class protection for the complete installation. The frames match exactly the dimensions for 10, 16 or 24 pole standard connection cut-outs, together with KEL-SNAP frames, base and flange plates as well as module plates for Rittal cabinets. EMC shielding can also be incorporated as a KEL-EMC-Z assembly with strain relief, including a KDR-ESR base plate assembly for slide fitments into cabinets.

The cable installation process is both easy and speedy. Once the split insert grommets have had cables incorporated (either pre or non-terminated) they can then be slid into the frames where they are held securely until the frame closure lid is fitted when all the insert locations have been filled. Individual inserts can carry 1, 2 or 4 individual cables providing high cable packing densities. An adhesive gasket together with an integrated sealing lip is used to achieve an IP65 seal between the frame and the mounting surface.

Two inserts are mounted directly above each other within the frame, held securely in position by three-sided contact. Currently two support frames are available to accommodate either 4 or 10 type KT insert grommets. A wide range of inserts are available, pre-formed with single or multiple cable apertures to accommodate the initial installation requirements while also simplifying later cabling requirements. The incorporation of additional cables with upgrading, maintenance or re-routing of existing systems can thus be easily achieved, with the IP65 rating being automatically restored on the re-assembly of the frame.

Both the Polyamide frames and elastomer inserts are halogen and silicone free with UL-94 Vo, self extinguishing flame class. The Polyamide working temperature range is -40ºC to +140ºC (static), with the inserts being -30ºC to +90ºC (static).

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