Theorem Solutions are delighted to announce the launch of CADverter-VR, the free plug-infor existing users to explore their 3D CAD data at scale, in a fully immersive Virtual Reality environment.

As part of the latest software release (V24.0), existing users now have the capability to take their design from screen to Virtual Reality in a few clicks, without leaving the Theorem Unified Interface (UI) or even their local machine.  Using their existing CAD ready PC, users can experience their data in an entirely new dimension, or rather as it is meant to be consumed – at full scale and in-context, only from their desktop machine, whether that is currently at home or in the office.

Existing users of Theorem’s CADverter translation solutions, such as CATIA V5 <> NX, CATIA V5 <> JT, Creo <> JT, or CATIA V5 to Creo View for example, can translate their data between formats and then further extend its use by visualizing it in VR, or, just access the native data from the file menu within the UI to visualize in VR, using the free CADverter-VR functionality of the UI.

Users of Theorem’s On-Demand 3D PDF Publishing solutions, (such as CATIA V5 to 3D PDF), will not only be able to make CAD data accessible for ease of sharing in the PDF format, but will now also have the ability to view and manipulate it in a Virtual Reality scene.

If you haven’t started your XR journey yet or don’t have a VR headset available, Theorem have included the Theorem-XR Desktop Review Experience as part of this release, and doing what Theorem do best, are continuing to keep customers ahead of the curve and enabling them to get maximum value out of their 3D design data using the latest technology.

How does it work? View 3D CAD data in VR with these four easy steps:

Using the UI, browse the data to be visualized  
Translate the data using the existing Theorem CADverter (the flagship for 30 years of translation products),
Hit the CADverter-VR button
Put on your headset.

It’s as simple as that, and then users are free to assess and visualize their data immersively, at 1:1 scale and use a range of tools to manipulate the data; giving users further validation before committing beyond the design stages.

Theorem support a range of VR headsets, including HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. As an independent company, with strong, long standing business relationships with all major CAD vendors, Theorem objectively offer best in class data exchange solutions to meet many use case requirements for organizations of all sizes which is further supported by the release of CADverter-VR.

Theorem believe that there is no one single solution for collaboration. No one product can answer all data exchange issues, however CADverter-VR brings more to the table than a traditional translator.

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