Flow sensors in the new SM range from ifm electronic feature a slim design that allows them to be used side-by-side in the outlets from standard manifold boxes. With compact construction, and no straight length requirements, they can be accommodated in installations where space is limited. A further key benefit is that they use a novel measuring system that minimises pressure drop; in many applications, this allows pump output to be reduced and consequently saves energy.

As well as flow rate, the new sensors also monitor temperature and total quantity of flow (totaliser function), which reduces cost and complexity by eliminating the need to use separate sensors to provide this functionality. Typical applications for SM-series sensors, which are designed for use with water and other liquids that have a conductivity of 20 µS/cm or greater, include chemical / additive dosing, flow and temperature monitoring in cooling systems for injection moulding machines, machine tools and ovens.
For maximum convenience and flexibility, the sensors incorporate an IO-Link output, which means that all of the measured values can be accessed via a single connection. They also provide analogue and pulse outputs to enhance compatibility with legacy automation systems, and they have two user-adjustable switching set points. A digital display provides local indication of flow rate, temperature and total flow quantity, while LEDs show the status of the set points.
Set up is simplified by the provision of an integrated simulation system which allows their functionality to be verified without needing the plant in which they are installed to be operational.
SM-series flow sensors from ifm electronic are available in versions with measuring ranges of 0.05 to 35 l/min, 0.1 to 75 l/min and 0.2 to 150 l/min. All versions have a temperature measuring range of -20 to +90 ºC and all can be supplied with either FKM or EPDM seals.