For over 25 years now, the internationally active company Ruppel Hydraulik has been producing industrial components such as valves, hydraulic control blocks and other hydraulic units. With more than 45 years of experience in hydraulics, company owner Gerhard Ruppel is now making his specialist expertise available by acting as an expert surveyor of hydraulic installations and systems. From an evaluation of the fluids engineering components to an audit of the control system, his expert survey will deliver significant results aimed at optimising the hydraulic system.

“There are countless standards, technical specifications and safety regulations that have to be adhered to,” said Gerhard Ruppel. “Rusted pipes or contaminated hydraulic fluid can have disastrous consequences. The installation or system will then fail to perform as well as it could, and in the worst case scenario it will be a hazard to people and the environment. We identify these faults on site and suggest solutions as to how to eliminate them.”

Whether the sites in question are in Germany or abroad is not important. In his role as expert surveyor, Gerhard Ruppel carries out assignments in China, India and the United Arab Emirates, as well as throughout Europe. He is currently inspecting a steelworks in North Africa, which just goes to show how important his work is. “There they move billets at temperatures of around 1700 degrees on hydraulic transport frames. The displacement of the cylinders is a lot smaller than the volume of the pipework that runs from the cylinders to the directional valves. As a result, the volume in the pipes is never fully displaced,” explained Ruppel. “Because the pipes are only a few metres below the glowing billets and are almost unprotected, the readings obtained from their surfaces indicate temperatures in excess of 170 degrees. Bearing in mind that the ignition temperature of hydraulic oil is between 150 and 200 degrees, this is a potentially life-threatening situation that has to be rectified as quickly as possible.”

For manufacturers and operators of hydraulic installations and system-oriented hydraulic or electro-hydraulic controls, an expert audit of this type does not just mean optimisation of the installation, but peace of mind that the processes are safe during operation. In addition to the expert survey, Ruppel Hydraulik also offers to rectify the defects using its own services. “This is not however mandatory,” said owner Gerhard Ruppel. “The Client decides whether he wants us to implement the optimisation proposals or whether to use another service provider. We are looking to maintain a fair and long-term business relationship with our customers, where trust is the priority.”