The Compact I/O system from Rockwell Automation future-proofs your system and enables The Connected Enterprise, allowing machine builders to bring added value to their customers through a single, unified architecture, using EtherNet/IP for increased overall productivity.

It is the ideal distributed I/O solution for use with the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5580 controller and for users with high processing requirements. The 5069 Compact I/O system offers diversity and flexibility with dual 1 Gigabit (Gb) embedded Ethernet ports for Linear and Device Level Ring topologies allowing easy customization for applications demanding high performance and speed.

Features and benefits:
  • Built-in power input with field power to I/O modules
  • Support for 31 local I/O modules
  • High-speed backplane for faster transfer rates
  • Improved status indicators for information about module health
  • Supports 1-Gb embedded switch technology for Linear and Device Level Ring (DLR) topologies
  • Integrated USB port allows easy configuration

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