Essentra Components are aware that with a more complex and globalised food supply chain, hygiene in food production is more important than ever. Consequently, they are delighted to offer an extensive range of 3-A hygienic levelling feet, star knobs, nuts and handles which help users minimise the 3 main hygienic design hazards of physical, chemical and biological contaminants.

This is achieved by choice of corrosion-resistant and functionally inert materials with polished finishes in free-draining, lubricant-free designs which eliminate biologically vulnerable niches and the dangers of absorbent substrates.

Against a background of 77 food recalls in 2018 issued by the food standards agency (FSA) where 48 cases were because of physical and biological contaminants, Essentra Components help customers minimise the costs of a recall which can so easily hurt reputations, waste time, cost money and damage public health.