For applications requiring lasting surface protection, Henkel’s new LOCTITE® PC 7234™ offers many advantages.   This ultra-smooth, ceramic reinforced epoxy creates a high gloss, low-friction coating to protect equipment from corrosion and wear.  It can be used as part of Henkel’s ISO certified pipe repair system and is suitable for service temperatures ranging from -29°C to +288°C.

Traditional repair methods such as hard metal welding or flame spraying are expensive and difficult to use on large surfaces.  LOCTITE protective coatings, by comparison, can be applied to all surface sizes and offer the extra benefit of corrosion protection.  Additionally, they do not create heat stress during the application.  Their key advantage is to create a sacrificial and renewable working surface, protecting the structural integrity of the original substrate.

LOCTITE PC 7234 is the latest addition to this proven range.  It is easy to mix, brushable and cures in eight hours at room temperature, followed by a three hour post-cure at 150°C to achieve its ultimate high temperature performance.  Thanks to its special epoxy matrix, the product is resistant to most types of chemical aggression and offers good protection against fresh and sea water, ammonium sulphate and sodium hydroxide.

Typical applications include repairing heat exchangers and condensers, lining tanks and chutes, re-surfacing and repairing rudders and pintel housings and repairing impellers and valves.  LOCTITE PC 7234 also works well as a top-coat over other LOCTITE wearing compounds and is particularly effective in high temperature pipe repair.

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