A 4th Edition of the well-received ‘Metal Injection Moulding, A Manufacturing Process for Precision Engineering Components’ booklet has now been released by the EPMA. The 36-page booklet contains revised content on the Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) production process, technical guidelines, design techniques and new case studies.

The 2017 edition booklet, once again draws on the EPMA’s EuroMIM Sectoral Group Members MIM knowledge, who have helped with its creation and content. The 4th edition highlights the benefits of using MIM components compared to other manufacturing processes, from the cost effectiveness of the MIM process, the bespoke capabilities that MIM components can provide, through to the dimensional accuracy and tailorisation of MIM components. 

‘The 4th Edition MIM booklet, available to download at EPMA.com, provides a good basis of material on introducing the Metal Injection Moulding process and the capabilities of designing components for the process. The booklet is intended to be relevant, easy-to-read and understand’ explained Andrew Almond, EPMA’s Marketing Manager. He went on to add ‘Over 24 MIM component case studies, 7 of which are new to the series, are provided in the booklet, showing what various types of components can be made using the Metal Injection Moulding process.’

The launch of the EPMA’s 4th MIM brochure edition and rebranding to purple, coincides with the EPMA’s process strand rebrand.

To download a 4th edition ‘Metal Injection Moulding – A manufacturing process for precision engineering components’ brochure please visit: www.epma.com  or alternatively for a hard copy version please complete the ‘Contact Us’ form at www.epma.com/contact-us  (Please note EPMA only posts hard copy brochures to European postal addresses.)