Motors account for 75% of industrial power consumption. Nearly 90% of motor efficiency issues are caused by iron loss, copper loss, circuit loss, and windage loss, whereas mechanical loss related to bearing friction accounts for only about 10%. In the coming years, as the efficiency level for motors progresses to IE3 (premium efficiency and IE4 (super premium efficiency), the demand for bearings with low friction loss will increase.

As a solution, NSK has developed energy-saving bearings for high-efficiency motors that halve the friction loss of rolling bearings used in conventional products. The new bearings will, the company explains, contribute to a reduction of electric power consumption desired by users of high-efficiency motors. These conform to JIS motor efficiency standards as well as IE3 and IE4 efficiency standards, making it possible to reduce the power consumption of bearings in industrial motors. In addition, reduced bearing friction loss means bearings operate at lower temperatures, which increases the reliability of motors and other devices.


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