Planning, procurement, Looming, assembly, logistics and assembly – it can be a long way until bespoke cable carriers systems breathes life and intelligence into a machine.

The entire process can be improved by outsourcing the sub assembly.  Designed to fit Totaltrax systems by Kabelschlepp Metool offer a turn-key customized solutions for the operating conditions a customer requires. This includes optimized components, and guarantees to go with the whole assembly.

This expertise is based on the comprehensive range of cable carriers in steel and plastic materials, an extensive range accessories and variety of cable offerings. All of this is combined with decades of experience with all kinds of applications developed for and supplied to renown manufacturers.

Customers benefit improved engineering and design processes,  as well as reduced expenses for planning, purchasing, inspecting, and finally paying for a multitude of  single components. Cost for tools, storage and floor space can be improved, and trained staff can be allocated to more relevant tasks. 

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