R+L Hydraulics GmbH introduces their offline cooling units for hydraulic equipment, the OCN Series of offline cooling units. These units stand out due to their high cooling capacity, their low noise level as well as their compact and energy-efficient design. Thanks to the use of optimized fans and electric motors of efficiency class IE2, the OCN offline cooling units are exceptionally energy-efficient.

The units of the OCN Series are the latest addition to the proven ACN Series of oil-air coolers from the German hydraulics specialist R+L Hydraulics. Given their integrated pump, the OCN offline cooling units can be operated independently of the hydraulic plant’s main flow as stand-alone modules. This protects the coolers from pressure surge damage while guaranteeing the hydraulic equipment’s uninterrupted cooling. Moreover, it eliminates potential pressure losses within the oil circuit.
The offline cooling units of the OCN Series are available in six different sizes with oil flow rates ranging from 20 to 80 litres per minute. Designed for a system pressure of 10 bars (145 psig), operating temperatures from 20 to +120 °C (-4 to 250 °F) and an operating viscosity of 10 to 300 cSt (centistokes), the offline cooling units are suitable for mineral-based hydraulic oils, synthetic oils and water-glycol-based fluids. They are easy to retrofit and also available with optional filters and separate thermostats.
In addition to the offline cooling units, R+L Hydraulics develops and produces a wide assortment of heat exchangers. These include oil-water heat exchangers, oil-air heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers as well as customer-specific cooling systems. Moreover, known under the brand name Raja, the company produces and distributes a comprehensive range of hydraulics and power transmission components, such as jaw couplings, gear couplings, rigid and damped bellhousings, cooling pump bellhousings, damping elements as well as aluminium tanks.