Electro Mechanical Systems has announced that it will be supplying the product revision of the Nidec DCK right angled gear-motor range. The design has moved from deep drawn housing to a rolled construction, which provides the same performance with improved cost effectiveness.

Made in Germany by Nidec Motors & Actuators, part of the Japanese Nidec group, the DCK right angled gear-motor range is known for its unrivalled balance of performance, quality and cost effectiveness. The revised version of the range, now featuring a rolled construction housing, makes the range even more economical while maintaining its high performance.
The upgraded right angled motors have a high gear reduction ratio, which delivers high torque performance in a small package. In particular, Nidec’s DCK35 series delivers torque ratings up to eight newton metres (Nm) while weighing just 1.2kg. Combined with the reliability and repeatability of the range, this high torque makes the motors ideal for patient medical aid equipment, such as hoists, bath lifts and mechanical operating tables. The low maintenance and value of the range provides a cost effective option to the medical industry, without  compromising on safety.
The tough housing of the range allows extension into industrial applications, such as door openers, food processing equipment and labelling and conveying systems. The durability and reliability of the Nidec motors is drawn from the company’s origins in the automotive industry, which benefits from the same robust design, high quality and performance and extensive testing.
Nidec’s fully automated production line and in-process controls guarantee consistent high quality. All of the motors in the range are manufactured in Europe, with a selection of stock ready in the UK now.
“The new rolled construction of Nidec’s DCK motor range further increases its cost effectiveness for customers, while still delivering on performance,” explained Dave Walsha, commercial development officer at EMS Ltd. “The range is available in 12 and 24 volts, and delivers high torque performance in small space envelopes, making the motors suitable for both medical and industrial applications.
“The consistent high quality of the range ensures equal performance every time. Its reliability is matched with durability to provide a well-balanced solution also suitable for the industrial sector,” Walsha added.
“EMS distributes a variety of small to medium sized DC motors, using technologies such as DC, stepper, linear and piezo motors, for specialists including SKF, FAULHABER and, of course, Nidec. The upgraded addition to Nidec’s range aligns with the cutting-edge motor technologies that we both supply and produce, and will help us continue to provide our customers with products at the forefront of industry.”