Combining a new generation of state-of-the-art 3D printers and a Smart Cabinet, the Epsilon series W27 & W50 has been engineered to deliver exceptionally strong functional parts with quality and precision, bringing industrial power to your workbench or factory floor. This complete professional 3D printing solution has been developed to enable innovators -from manufacturers to engineers to designers-, to easily create functional parts, prototypes, manufacturing jigs and tools; and anything else you can imagine, with the highest throughput for maximum efficiency.

Epsilon W27

The Epsilon W27 is a powerful professional 3D printer, designed to deliver solid parts with industrial-grade materials, thanks to features such as its passive heated chamber and full enclosure.

Epsilon W50

The Epsilon W50 SC is a powerful professional 3D printing solution, designed to deliver large-scale parts with industrial grade materials, thanks to features such as its passive heated chamber, full enclosure, and humidity-controlled environment.

Smart Cabinet

The Smart Cabinet completes the Epsilon ecosystem, offering seamless integration with your BCN3D Epsilon printers and boosting their performance. Its filament humidity control keeps your materials in optimal condition, and its uninterruptible power supply protects your work at all times, avoiding the risk of losing your print job due to power outages.

IDEX System

Both Epsilon printers are powered by Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) technology, which allows print modes such as Mirror and Duplication, the BCN3D Epsilon 3D printers turn out to be the perfect tool for cost – effective batch production.

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