Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required for many jobs, especially for those in the trades. In this article, we’ll take you through the different kinds of PPE out there and when it’s appropriate to use them.


Eyewear as it relates to PPE can be employed in a range of situations. This could be when working with power tools, in dusty environments or just about anywhere there could be debris that could affect the eyes. There are a few different kinds of eyewear within that umbrella too, for example ones that also cover the nose or simple glasses.

Selecting the right eyewear is important, as some jobs may require more robust protection. The eyes are sensitive, so be sure to protect them!

Breathing Masks

In dusty environments, you should also be careful as to what you’re breathing in. Irritated lungs and throats can cause long term health problems. If you’re working with sanding equipment or asbestos, then you need to protect your organs in this way.

Again, you can get breathing masks that filter out larger or smaller particles. Comfort is pretty important when it comes to these masks, as you don’t want to be tempted to take them off!


Coveralls aren’t just for protecting your clothes, as they can also stop hazardous materials from irritating the skin. If you take a look at the coveralls provided by large providers such as, you’ll see that there’s a wide range of thicknesses, materials, styles and prices to consider, so make sure to evaluate and find the best quality you can for your budget.

Take into account the environment that you’ll be working in when you select coveralls. For warmer environments, it’s a good idea to go for a lighter, more breathable covering. This will prevent you from overheating and wanting to take the coverall off.

Spray Socks and Hoods

If you’re using spray paints, then it’s essential to take a lot of care. Spray socks and hoods protect the skin of the face and also prevent you from breathing in the fumes. These can be used in conjunction with other safety equipment to add an extra layer of safety.

Inhaling spray paints can have a serious effect on the body, in both the short term and long term. For those that work in car shops or spray painting homes, you have to take these fumes seriously.


If you’re working with materials that can burn through shoes, then you should be using reinforced footwear. Steel toe capped boots are also a must for any area in which heavy equipment is being used. These protect against broken toes, which happen a lot more often than you may think!

Concrete, hot oil and acids can eat through shoes easily and burn the feet – so use heavy duty footwear if you’re working with any of these. Slippers or thin shoes can present a hazard in these environments.

PPE has been created to protect the wearer, so assess what you’re planning to do and use them where possible. This will keep you safer and prevent any incidents that can be avoided.