Connect low-voltage cables without the need for special tools

Dec 18, 2013 | Electrical & electronics

The iDC 3924n connectors from Vogt are designed to eliminate the need for cable connectors, wire strippers, soldering lamps and crimping tools.

Available from reichelt elektronik, the ID connection technology makes it possible to connect two low-voltage cables with diameters of 0.2 to 0.5mm and currents of up to 2 or 3 amperes, safely and with no special tools.

According to the company, simply insert each cable in a connector, without stripping the ends, and then crimp them using standard pliers. Then connect the two connectors, offset 180 degrees. A separate connector plate is available to provide additional protection against accidental loosening of the connection To connect multiple lines, the integrated guide strips allow the connectors to be linked together.

The connectors are capable of withstanding temperatures from -20 to +75°C. The maximum permissible rated voltage is 100 V and the maximum insulation diameter is 2.1 mm. 


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