Thanks to rising energy prices and the increased competition of globalisation, the pressure to keep specification and maintenance costs low on equipment is being felt by everyone. For specialist equipment, such as gearboxes, it’s important that engineers specify solutions which are available on short lead times; will operate reliably and efficiently; and offer easy access to spare parts and servicing. Fortunately Brevini UK is able to offer end-users the reliability of a global manufacturer and the service levels of a local supplier.
Brevini Power Transmission UK is part of the Brevini Group, a global manufacturer of planetary gearboxes, helical and bevel/helical gearboxes, winches, hydraulic products and hybrid combination gearboxes. The group has a reputation for manufacturing high quality power transmission components which are capable of offering efficient, reliable operation in a host of different industries. The company invests heavily in R&D; most evident in its industry leading range of high-efficiency planetary solutions and unique, ‘hybrid’, PIV Posiplan gearboxes.
The advantages of being part of a manufacturing group with a presence around the globe is that regular investment keeps Brevini’s technology at the top of its game. Recent investment has seen the company open a new €25m manufacturing centre, as well as a stock and service centre for Northern Europe. This ensures that lead times for standard products are kept to a minimum as stock is carefully monitored and manufacturing conforms to ‘Lean’ practices.
However, Brevini UK is able to offer its customers far more than the just the newest technologies on short lead times. The company specialises in offering bespoke design solutions for applications in most industries including: water treatment, quarrying and mining, marine, oil and gas and renewable energies. It is able to offer solutions as OE suppliers or as replacement equipment when the original gearbox is obsolete. With Brevini’s modular design, a large number of gearbox sizes and variations are available on a short lead time.
Brevini also offers a complete repair and maintenance service with engineers able to carry out an on-site inspection to recommend whether a component should be repaired or replaced. Once the decision has been made, work can either be carried out on location or in Brevini’s dedicated UK service centre, whichever is very efficient. Brevini will carry out work on units supplied by other manufacturers and, in the event of a replacement, always strive to develop a solution with equal or improved performance and identical mounting requirements.
Brevini is able to offer end users a personal service from specification through to installation and support while also offering the reliability and security of a large, multi-national supplier. This can help to keep a project’s initial outlay low while also ensuring many years of reliable service. For information about Brevini’s range of standard products, or bespoke design and maintenance services, get in touch with a member of the sales team.