HMIs were originally called MMIs – Man-Machine Interfaces; we’ve come a long way since then, and so has the tech. Just as smartphones have displaced basic handsets, HMIs have moved with the times too.

Powerful features, such as data display, machine control, data storage, PLC communication, protocol translation, graphic display, alarm notifications, media playback, IIoT, and database integration are now perceived as core requirements for advanced HMIs. High-end computing and rich features place a heavy burden on an HMI’s CPU, and with user expectations based on their own experience with high-performance consumer tech, machine operators now expect a similar user experience and performance when working with HMIs.

Tackling the performance challenges head-on, Weintek launched the cMT X Series, boasting the most powerful C

PU in its class (A17 quad-core), meaning it can cope with the most arduous computational challenges and meet the highest end-user expectations for a high-speed, advanced HMI.


Standard and advanced models are available in sizes from 7” – 15.6”. Standard models still boast many high-end features and can support running Weintek’s CODESYS PLC

engine to provide a complete control solution, using either Weintek’s iR Series i/o, or a user’s own preferred brand of i/o connected via Modbus TCP/IP®, EtherNET I/PTM, or EtherCAT®, with CANopen® available on selected advanced models, making the cMT X Series a flexible solution for your control needs.

By choosing the cMT X Series, you can take advantage of the great new features to increase your productivity and deliver a fantastic user experience for operators.

  • Operation and Monitoring: the mobile app, cMT Viewer, in Monitor Mode can be used to monitor many devices, whilst WebView allows hassle-free monitoring and control with a browser.
  • Simplified UX/UI: Chart objects – Pie Chart, Bar Chart, and Table etc – are pre-configured and require only small adjustments before they are presentable.
  • Action Trigger: a graphical UI-based configuration can often replace complex macro commands, reducing system development time and simplified post-deployment maintenance.
  • Easy Troubleshooting: cMT Diagnoser enables efficient verification of HMI screen logic and communication status, and provides line-by-line macro debugging, which considerably reduces overall development effort.
  • More Powerful Connectivity: cMT X Series supports a wide range of PLC brands and their distinctive access mechanisms such as 64-bit register access, tag-based communication, and tag address import (e.g., Siemens S7 communication and TIA file import).
  • Multimedia Functionality: cMT X Series supports video playback, IP camera, and video recording.

Several models feature PCAP (Projective Capacitive) touchscreens enabling gestures such as swipe and pinch to be used on the HMI in a similar manner to gestures on a smartphone or tablet, further enhancing the user experience.

For large screen applications and Andon systems, the cMT-FHDX is a faceless HMI with an HDMITM output enabling it to drive a large screen for easy visibility of production data or alarms.  Touch, mouse, or tracker operation is also supported via the USB input on the cMT-FHDX.  Sharing the cMT X Series architecture, the cMT-FHDX also supports the Weintek CODESYS solution as well as database integration and other rich features.

With more than 300 industrial protocols supported, coupled with the free, full-feature development environment of EasyBuilder Pro, and free technical support from Lamonde Automation, there are many reasons to choose cMT X Series for your next automation project.

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