As market leader ifm electronic knows a thing or two about capacitive proximity sensors, and constantly strives to provide the latest innovations in this field as in many others. 

A very common use of capacitive sensors is found in point level detection through non-metallic materials. In such cases there might be a build-up of product on the sensor that cannot be seen from outside, but prevents detection of the true level.  Setting the sensor to react correctly in such conditions is a challenge that ifm electronic has risen to with their latest models, and have implemented no one but two solutions.

First of all, these latest capacitive sensors are equipped with IO-Link. When used with setting software, such as the LineRecorder Device from ifm electronic, the user can virtually ‘see’ what the sensor is detecting. This makes setting the sensitivity, and other features such as a time delay, extremely simple.

Not everyone may want to make use of this facility, though, so the second option built in to the sensors is a display of the relative sensitivity.  This intuitive visualisation helps enormously by showing the user the effect of both the product and of turning the potentiometer.

The new design is available in the popular M30 housing, in cabled and connector variants, and now includes the same options in M18. Both sizes can be supplied with either a fixed or a selectable switching function, and as flush or non-flush mountable versions.

ifm electronic offers a wide range of accessories to optimise installation and mounting, and support is always available.