As we enter a new era of technological advances such as 5G and increased connectivity, improved automation techniques and data heavy storage, enclosure manufacturers need to implement new ways to adhere to demands from electronic and electrical device builders. Market insight can help determine these requirements and aid in the designing of better products that can operate across the board. This is something that CamdenBoss has proactively monitored, to ensure new products not only keep costs low and supply chains smooth, but also offer additional features and benefits for a wide variety of applications.

Remote locations can often lead to harsh weather conditioning. Having a box to protect the equipment transmitting real time live data sent without the need of site visits has a huge benefit in terms of maintenance costs and downtime, especially in critical applications. Aspects such as UV stability and a water tight seal are key points to look for in outdoor operating electrical enclosures. Boxes placed in factory environments will have slightly different criteria to meet and will benefit from dust tight seals and robust build.

An example from CamdenBoss of a well-equipped enclosure, capable of operating in multiple environments, is the X series range of heavy-duty electrical enclosures.

The X series range of robust enclosures is manufactured with features and benefits defined by industry and split into three types, the X6, X7 and X8; each offering its own unique capability.

The X6 range is a small to medium sized enclosure, manufactured with metric ‘knockouts’ in the base. Ideal for cabling systems, electrical junction and single or multi button controls. As the knockouts on the base are metric and industry sized, OEM’s face no issues sourcing a cable gland to fit. The knockout can be easily ‘punched’ through using a tool such as ball point hammer. When fitted with a cable gland, the enclosure’s IP67 rating is retained, allowing power conduit and data or signal cables to be fixed to suit ‘on site’ conditions. The X6 deals directly with onsite issues where cable junctions can be quickly set up within minutes.

X7 range deals directly with growing trends in the market for automation control, remote electronics such as agricultural smart farming monitoring equipment and centralised industrial IoT systems. It provides superior protection through extra material around the corners of the enclosure and the internal space has been maximised, ideal for multiple electrical assemblies. Complex assemblies can be mounted onto mounting plates or by mounting DIN Rails to the internal pillars.

The X8 range consists of a hinge and latch assembly, providing engineers with a lockable door mechanism. This opens up potential applications such as switch panels, drive and control systems, power distribution and smart factory networking units. With the X8, your internal electronics remain dry and protected from dust and dirt, whether the enclosure is situated indoors or outdoors. The foam gasket becomes pressurised once the lid is in place, keeping out the elements. Ideally suited to DIN Rail mounted components, the flexibility becomes a paramount benefit to design engineers and system integrators looking for a rugged enclosure. Amongst other available accessories, a dual door system has been designed to allow panel components such as buttons, displays and switches to be mounted directly onto it.

Each of the three series offers wall or surface mounting capabilities to allow the finished electrical assembly to be fixed in place. Each of the screw channels features a through hole that can be used to mount the enclosure. Alternatively, wall mounting brackets are available to fit each size of the three X series enclosures. The X series offers flexibility so buyers do not feel restricted when selecting an enclosure suitable for their application – leaving them to instead choose on physical attributes such as the metric knockouts or lid assembly type.

With new technology appearing in an array of new locations, an ever more demanding digital age pushes the requirements further on the needs to house the components. Modern appeal and the visual aesthetic requirements set by consumers pose increased demands on innovative enclosure design from the manufacturer.

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