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Feb 1, 2013 | Cables & connectors

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Short lead times, competitive markets and less capacities to do all the work. Sounds familiar? One increasingly popular option to solve this challenge is outsourcing work packages so as to focus on the core competencies. And, it can even be the more economical solution. KABELSCHLEPP Metool comments

Demands and technical parameters in machine and automation are ever increasing. This also applies to components or assemblies such as cable chain systems. Cable chain systems are vital to automated processes: without feeding energy, data, signals, there is no automation.

Cable carrier chain, leads, and plug connections

A reliable cable carrier system has a variety of different components. For any designer, this means a rather complex process where the individual components must be carefully matched in order to be fully functional and reliable.  Ready-to-install complete systems, as offered by KABELSCHLEPP Metool, can be the solution.

The application requirements deployed here can differ quite a lot in terms of material, size, dynamics, noise levels, or resistance against detrimental environmental conditions. High demands are made on components  for  power and data transmission, as the  entire system depends on the reliability of their operation.  Given the numerous individual components involved, design and assembly demand considerable time, thus cost. 

Processes can be improved by using bespoke, ready-to-install cable chain systems – such as TOTALTRAX solutions from KABELSCHLEPP Metool.  They can relieve the work load considerably: specification, procurement and manufacturing procedures are streamlined. Supplier coordination is reduced, and warehousing and admin are optimised. A single supplier offering all components can have major benefits for the user: just one purchase order and one incoming inspection, warehousing storage of components becomes redundant, thus releasing capital tied up in the warehouse. In many respects manpower, time and money are saved. Adding up all individual benefits the savings can be significant.

Bespoke and affordable

Any cable chain will have to match the application as to load, tow forces, travel length, speed and manifold other operational characteristics. One of the key selling points of KABELSCHLEPP Metool is the variety of their product portfolio. The Ilkeston based supplier is able to suggest the optimal specification for the individual application. Any proposal subsequently is driven by the bespoke needs, rather than a material philosophy, product properties or standard catalogue sizes available.

This of course implies a large variety of sizes, materials and types to be available – whether steel, plastic or hybrid cable carriers, economical or bespoke, customised widths and a variety of properties to match the needs. 

In combination with highly flexible cables exclusively developed for drag chain use, the individual energy management system will be designed to suit the very requirements.


KABELSCHLEPP Metool also offers a comprehensive and competitive range of cable designed for dynamic automation applications. This also includes finished assemblies including connectors, facilitating a simple and fast installation. 

In addition to chain, cable and connectors, the cable carrier systems also include accessories such as the dividers for the cable separation, clamping and connection components. The selection of the correct individual accessories that need to be matched to suit is important in order to meet the operating requirements and to achieve the systems longevity. 

Finally there is interface management, procurement and professional assembly.  All this  makes  for  time consuming  and costly  process  steps,  which  can  be significantly  reduced  by  using  the ready-to-install TOTALTRAX solutions. Design and development, procurement   management,   accounting, logistics, assembly and quality assurance all benefit from improved resource. 

As early as during the initial project kick off, the investment in planning, control and purchasing is reduced. Working on brief and implementing the engineering expertise, Kabelschlepp Metool will design and propose a system, the resources, interfaces, and procurement, logistics and quality requirements. As a consequence, a complex and critical process can be treated as a single item. All specs are summarised against one order and there is a single contact for any potential queries.

Assemblies are landed in time for fitting. The job planning, allocation of numerous individual components, tooling, floor space for storage and assembly, the  pay roll or expensive contractors drawn for assembly  and  electrical  installation, even  unpacking  activities including disposal of waste  materials – users receive everything  from  a  single source. The delivery scope can typically include suitable transport means which may be required for handling, or even incorporate bulkheads and housings.

This results in additional synergy effects for the with regard to procurement budgets, which becomes particularly apparent in the very competitive markets of machine tool engineering and industrial automation.

This service is of course subject to economies of scale. However, given the changed market environment, the integrity of the proposal was proven many times for individual automation and machine projects. In industries like crane building, material handling, for airport device or in aerospace technology, even in architectural applications, renowned manufacturers already work with TOTALTRAX applications.  Using TOTALTRAX, engineers can fully focus on their main task. This creates the potential for a more efficient capacity utilisation, improving the chances of refining their own products and system.



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