Tog-L-Loc is sheet metal joining or “clinching” made simple. Fast, economical and consistent, the Tog-L-Loc sheet metal joining system is an alternative to spot welding and riveting, and is used worldwide to assemble automotive parts, white goods and more. Whether joining plain, painted or coated sheet metal parts with BTM’s patented Tog-L-Loc sheet metal joining technique, there are no fasteners, sparks, or fumes. From simple tooling to high speed automation, BTM provides solutions for your sheet metal assembly requirements.

With today’s competitive environment, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Tog-L-Loc has proven to be an effective tool in doing just that. Listed below is a recent application which shows a good scenario where Tog-L-Loc can be utilised:

Robot Clinch Cell for Skandia Elevator who manufactures grain movement conveyor systems which are installed into barns on small farms to large scale production facilities in the grain industry.  (

Skandia Elevator have used spot-welding for many years which when joining galvanised steel as Scandia did, results in a secondary operation `priming the welded material to prevent rust`  Tog-L-Loc  joining does not damage the galvanised coating, leading to an immediate cost saving in materials and labour.

Tool life is extremely good with over 300,000 joints common from a single set of tools, far greater than spot-welding and no weld-tips to dress.

Following successful trials Skandia Elevator decided to take out the old spot-welding equipment and replace it with a modern Robot Cell complete with an Elecrodrive unit manufactured by Kistler (  This unit allows for multiple metal thickness combinations and joint monitoring via a process control module.  Material thickness ranged from 0.9mm up to 2.0mm all joined using one set of Tog-L-Loc tools. 

Other energy sources such as hydraulic or pneumohydraulic were considered but the Kistler electrodrive unit offered the advantage of the above.

Anders Ingvarsson (owner) – Skandia Elevator said: –

BTM´s Servo-Controlled Clinch-Gun has gone smoothly since its inception.

No problem to make 300.000 joints with same tooling and with full process control for all clinch joints!

This robot cell is capable of producing what took two people 4000 hours to manufacture in just 600 hours. The maintenance is minimal when the process is very closely controlled. Furthermore, the equipment can handle a greater variety of sheet thickness without changes to the clinch tools.

We chose the clinch method for environmental and economic reasons as well. This Tog-L-Loc clinch equipment which in itself is cost effective and points to spare part consumption and maintenance.

I can now make a comparison `this plant is in a different “world” – says Anders Ingvarsson

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