Eldon has developed a brand new range of hygienic design wall mounted enclosures. The range is designed for customers in food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries, as well as operations in other sanitary environments requiring high cleanliness.

The new range complies with the strict health and safety regulations in these industries. The range allows for proper, fast and easy cleaning, even with high pressure and temperature water.

The hygienic design wall mounted range HDW, comprises enclosures with a high protection degree and smooth surfaces without any gaps. The enclosures have self-drainable smooth-finished surfaces, a sloped roof leaning 30° with a 30 mm overhang, special HD locks, and concealed door hinges. Each enclosure body and door are made in AISI 304 stainless steel.

Proper sealing is secured by an all-round removable blue silicone gasket, which is resistant to aggressive cleaning products. A set of specific HD accessories is available, including cable glands, wall mounting brackets and levelling feet. The HDW range is certified for ingress protection IP 66/69/69K which makes high pressure and temperature water possible to use for cleaning.

IP 69 is for testing of enclosures as indicated in IEC 60529 while IP 69K from ISO 20653 has been traditionally used, although the latest is meant for testing of equipment installed in road vehicles. IP 69 and 69K are very similar and deal with validating that equipment can withstand getting cleaned with pressure washers.

The enclosure range complies with high cleanliness requirements and minimises hygiene risks with its self-draining smooth-finished surfaces and gap-free design. With these new enclosures installed cleaning time can be reduced, thanks to the self-drainable surfaces, resulting in time savings for maintenance staff. Component failure and unnecessary downtime are avoided as water and dust are prevented from entering the enclosure, even when cleaning with high pressure and temperature water.

In summary, the new hygienic design wall mounted enclosure range, HDW, brings several benefits in environments where high cleanliness is required:

– Cleaning is fast and easy

– High pressure and temperature water can be used

– Hosted equipment and components are well protected from water and dust

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